Blind Lunar Novas

by Clidesfeld

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Judy Humphries
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Judy Humphries Driving electric guitar and raw vocal characterise this relentlessly high energy album; the wordplay adds an intriguing extra dimension. Favorite track: Poppy.
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Lo-fi DIY in senior high carrying the semiconducted signal through a series of stories and sarcastic observation voiced through melodies recorded acapella.


released August 27, 2007

Brandon Sullivan:
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming,
Lyrics, Design, Photography,
Production, and Mastering

All songs written by Brandon Sullivan. Co-writing credits on specific tracks include:
Benjamin Gertz: tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12
Kevin DeAngelo: tracks 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12
David Raby: tracks 5, 10
Andy Bizek: track 4

This work produced by Clidesfeld is under Creative Commons License.

Recorded in Chaska, MN — 2006–2007




Clidesfeld Minneapolis, Minnesota

Clidesfeld is a musical project founded in 2004 by multi-instrumentalist Brandon Sullivan in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The project grew to host several collaborators spanning genres from downtempo electronic to melodic riff rock. Rooted deeply in a DIY mentality and an insatiable taste for thoughtful expression and experimentation, the project is inherently inconsistent in tone and frequency. ... more

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Track Name: Untitled Unfinished
Annihilate that iniquity you feel when passing fast, blindly.
If and again your feverish crave digs you into your own grave.
I'll be here to pull you out and snicker at your finest doubt.
The silence won't explain at all, the eyes as blank as porcelain doll.
Your ego is your weakness, wearing out your tongue made it suspicious.
I'm here for when I'm needed, but help me out my brain is bleeding.

Tonight, you are the only one.

The cruel contempt and rioting, all stay put in my eyes, shining.
Pretentious as it may be, holes in your heart filled with apathy.
Never will it leave my head, action stilled because of what you said.
Feeling scorned and scoffed at, obscurity controlled unlike that.
Fast and grave I have been slave to those that you have slain.
I'm here for when I'm needed, but help me out my brain is bleeding.
Track Name: I Can't Stay
Those eyes tunnel to a filmstrip and trap.
They twist to burst in lineup.
I melt in your gaze, so soft of a wrath.
My shadow just can’t keep up.

Your face, so glowing, magnetic at first glance.
Such comfort’s such a mystery.
My attention never averted. I’m there only for you.
You wait patiently for me.

The door, the barrier;
The shape bending my time with you.
I can’t stand to see your look as I go.
I can’t stay, but I will return for you.

Your mind’s complexity, I can’t believe.
Contribute evenly the power to retrieve.
Enveloped in thought, or lack thereof.
All others claim the same.

Entangled in a web I know I cannot break.
The strands still lay instead, wrapped tightly ‘round each stake.
The life I elsewhere live is somewhere you can’t be.
If I could take you with you’d always be with me.
You better every morning,
When I see you lying there,
The sun is not what’s warming.
Next to me is your doting stare.

I’ll never forget you (all others claim the same). I’ll never…
Track Name: Testing
Walk to your pulse, as result of your impulse.
Trick all on edge, pay homage to your false.
Take the rail, take the realm.
Balance further in your waltz, I might not come.

Say it.
Test your control. Control.
Track Name: Policeman
Something sifted in the air, I pan my vision everywhere.
While I was skating with my friends.
As it rounded the corner I could tell, that media loving sort of smell,
Had it’s harassment planned out from the bend.

And I'm not sure why, but I could swear his thigh,
Was nice and juicy enough to eat.
To protect and serve, yeah those are the words
They use in place of brutality.
Still not sure why, but using hypnotizing lies,
They get by without a scratch.
Their word over ours, and overexploited powers,
Still lay unnoticed, in fact.

I had no problem at first, but it seems the monster's thirst
For authority grew more.
Its voice raised and strained, like there's something to gain.
Sir, there was no need for force.

After the abuse I thought I saw a crumb hang on his lower jaw,
Swear to God, no joke no lie.
Laughed quite loud to myself, tries to intimidate and needing help,
That pig must wish he could fly.
Track Name: Velvet Correction
The flat greens extend to a bent fence.
Side to side with wood and a little menace.
A call heard from inside to break the scene.
A blur of black and brown fly by me.

She exploded, explosion.
Fall in and out of loopholes.
Home's a flexible word.
She exploded, explosion.

The flowers hide the weeds and the slope.
A fence, too, ends the flow, they'll cope.
The dirt is printed and packed down.
I feel a warmth come up from the ground.

She exploded, explosion.
The purring of their velvet affection.
But inside there's a violent correction.
She exploded, explosion.

Don't waste my time,
You're a waste of mind.
Don't waste my time,
You're a waste of life.
She exploded, explosion.
Track Name: Medulla
Her body’s a department store,
Take what they want, in and out.
She’s an innocent little whore.
Surprised I don’t want to
Smash her bottle on her head anymore.

It’s not important, your mind’s a planet all its own.
Forget about it, you’re on a planet all alone.

He’s lost at the word confuse.
Ear to ear is empty, in and out.
Slow, with joy to my amuse.
When he talks I think he
Should swallow a mortar and light the fuse.

Oh so it’s not your fault? You were listening but, you didn’t catch what I said?
Tell me about your problems. It sounds like fun like bludgeoning that charming head.

In her head is a cave,
Echo’s loudly, in and out.
Only thinks of when to shave,
Droning on knowing my ear,
Averted from her constant merciless wave.

Tschüs Medulla, from Medulla to a planet all your own.
Track Name: SSK
The awkward silence, it sooths and it burns.
To communicate without gestures or words.
The heat of your heart, it sooths and it burns.
To touch feelings so deep with no concerns.

Happiness you hide, no need to be shy.
Communicate freely with no omission lies.
Love seen in your eyes, no need to be shy.
Melancholy settles in me when you say good-bye.

The awkward silence, it sooths and burns.
Leaves you deaf and dumb with a subtle loss words.
The heat of our part, it sooths and it burns.
Lacking you, without my echo, always brought concern.
Track Name: Poppy
I read through every note you wrote me.
A hundred some papers filled with memories.
Good and bad, they're all still here.
Big neat print from you, my dear.
After reading through each one,
I felt smitten and low.

I read "I love you" a thousand times.
Never again will it have the same effect.
I read "I love you" and never do I think,
That I’ll ever let it hassle me again.
Always and forever,
Never, ever.

The crayon stained pictures are what
Leave me guessing for your new smut.
Nothing for a double take,
I sit here still because I'm forced awake.
After reading through each one,
I sigh and put them away.

The notes, they pile up in this box;
All about ordeals to booing the Hawks.
I remember every one when you gave them to me.
The material's the same but not monotony.
I don't think I'm over you.
But, I'll try not to mind that you're not with me.
Track Name: Bathroom Stall
Yes, I think we are in Rats Alley
where the dead lost their bones,
I smile with guilty jaws.
and feel my soul grow cold
only the dead are smiling.
You're my boy blue.
God Loves the Ugly.
Yes, me and you.

I'm not insane

As you slide into home,
You'll be the one with the most skidmarks.
Beauty isn't skin deep
When you're deep as a puddle.
I've always just liked the idea of
You never graduating.
Track Name: An Anarchist's Niche
Hollowed stone, Play my own.
Protest misery and do nothing.
Higher sky, Let me fly.
Brother hugging in a civil war scene.

They burn the flag, Kiss and shag.
Do the right thing, make a hooked swing.
Pacifist. Naturalist.
Pencil in your name in case of mistake.

Life's a little easier,
When it’s a little blurrier.
Life's a little blurrier,
When it’s a little easier.

Love the weather, sickle feather.
Keeping up to times building better mines.
Sleep with your blades and hand grenades.
The fire illuminates and licks the sky

Racist insomnia,
Your battlefields and glory seeking.
Tremors feel smooth again,
My greatest thanks to you for nothing.
Track Name: After Dark
Come and dance with me,
Upon this dirty street.
Let’s paint the town
With a thick sound.

After dark we seek,
All the dirty freaks.
No one will see,
Do as you please.
With that ripping sound.

Round after round,
Civilians hit the ground.
Round after round,
While there’s no one around.
Why’s the sun so hard to find?

The sun won’t come out.
Track Name: Silver Wall
Electric platform under me,
It’s all been done before, repeat
Repeat it on and on, silvered peak.
To them the feeling’s gone, but not me.

Inside the message flaws hide the weak.
Beside a brand new dawn: old obscurity.
Writhing writer’s palm, face pale and bleak
All but humor’s wrong; tongue in cheek.

Scratch the silver wall, don’t you see?
There nothing left to call yours or unique.
All this time enthralled with its physique.
Nothing not for long, Dee.