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Judy Humphries
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Judy Humphries By turns brash, raw, polished and beautiful; the sheer creative force that is Clidesfeld is a voice that demands to be heard. Favorite track: Disbelief.
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An eclectic, animated alternative rock album that dances skillfully between sarcasm, melancholy, and optimism bound together by a strong underlying tension and determination.


released September 22, 2012

All songs written, performed, engineered, recorded, mixed, designed & produced by Brandon Sullivan
Bass on tracks 1, 5 & 7 by Jon Prudoehl
Mastering by Tom Garneau
Recorded in Minneapolis, MN 2010–2012
clidesfeld.com / elsullivano.com




Clidesfeld Minneapolis, Minnesota

Clidesfeld is a musical project founded in 2004 by multi-instrumentalist Brandon Sullivan in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The project grew to host several collaborators spanning genres from downtempo electronic to melodic riff rock. Rooted deeply in a DIY mentality and an insatiable taste for thoughtful expression and experimentation, the project is inherently inconsistent in tone and frequency. ... more

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Track Name: Hindsight
I came in to leave in ten.
An anchor drops me further in.
Nevermind, I misplaced my excuse. Take the abuse.

You dance to explain your day
A twist in your face exasperates
Your canopy eclipses my distaste. And it's erased.

I can't understand a word you say, you see
I don't listen to you anyway.

After late.
Her body melts along the wall,
At touch she topples, and starts to crawl.
She erupts but only in my bed. In my head.

I can't understand a word you say, you see
I don't listen to you anyway.
You can keep beating it it's dead.

Since the last time I did it, I did it again.
Track Name: December
The sky looks warm at the wrong times
My bones are still cold.
And I miss the snow in December

Come close and see your future
Come close and see your future
Come close and see your future
It's inside this computer

You can try to confide in lame excuse
You can lie, you can fight, you can blame too.
But my bones are cold
And I'm missing more in December

Come close and see your future
Come close and see your future
And by the end of December
You'll be inside, you'll warm up.
Track Name: Rochambeau
Too true, you empty seat.
Find an antecedent on the beat.

High strained fluids, clued-in honesty
Stepping you to sleep.

Clever as a dog, shy like a locomotive
Travel on the tracks but just short of clear.

I cluelessly
Try for courtesy
Track Name: Virginia
There's no gravity up here
Where I am
It's kind of hard to explain
The light barely makes it down
In backwards rain

Lift me up
Gifted sight
Struck at night
So low
Without tone

We have crossed in words
That shout in new tongues.
It's nothing to speak of
And nothing to drag out.
My stomach is upside down,
My heart is turning up
My mind is

On a string
Now it's bleak
Like a bird
On new found wings

In poor time

So low
Track Name: Pose
A slim distraction sifts my way and sighs.
Too weak to say it.
Ineffectually leaning in.
Too crass to feel it.
It hits the ground from misery and lacking diet.
Gone for now, but never mind that.
I bit my tongue on the campy wordplay.
You think you know so much.

It seemed out of place
But it's just a pose
I put on a face
You ought to know

Days before, I had to leave it.
A ticking time lapse.
You couldn't tell me why you need it.
And there's a trap.
You came to me in separate pairs to mend, so I created it.
And I decide when I fail.
You told me I was crazy and I told you I appreciated it.
You think you know so much.

You saw a loophole.
Track Name: Disbelief
A lean like a lofty release
Opinions are all but at peace
It's interesting that it's increased
But it's mostly a waste.
Conversation burning a fuse.
Where the only ones keeping amused
Slap their teeth together and choose
How we'll quantify its taste.

There's ice on the ground.
My feet slip from beneath me.
Superfluous exclamation, not found.

In my bed, my mind is busy.
Reminders stamped, remainders spinning.
A loss in faith to hope and missing.
The better part of benefit.
I can't decide what there's to see
Swaying on either side uncomfortably
Somewhere a brain there used to be
A line of code instead of it.

Consider me generally. Fairly. Concerned
Actively disbelieving you.
Track Name: Change
You whistle, I sigh
And sift into a past tense, framed in mind.
This change for you and I
Feels better when you stray from the past
Don't worry about the last
I'm looking toward the next
And when it comes, I'll see you as my guest.

Unexpected chance will interrupt.
Never given time to just catch up.
And that loudmouth friend who won't shut up.
Comfort comes from when things stay the same.
But they change.

Don't hesitate, just go.
I'm waving at you in your rear window.
And because I know
Change's return is faster every year
And I never greet it with fear
I'll take my souvenir
Forget about it, and laugh when it reappears.

And chance will interrupt.
Never given time to just catch up.
And that loudmouth friend who won't shut up.
Comfort comes from when things stay the same.
But they change.

I welcome the change.
Track Name: Zero-Sum
He said, I know, and he did.
And now, to some extent, it never fit.
In the act, I cleared the stage and called the cast.
He awed at all the work involved, he'd never asked.

I know. I know what it's like to feel a divide.

I called it off, you brought it on.
It pissed us off, but not for long.
You told me, you told me not to worry.

His theory passed, he walked away, I sat at home.
A prop in hand, letting the light fade, he stood alone.
He strung a tale from his history all across the floor.
Interwoven with another thread that was a metaphor.

I know. I heard your reply.
But I always lie.

I told you off, you brought me down.
Removed the ego that'd gone around.
You called me, you called me and it echoes.

Where's your control?
You filled it full
Where's your control?
You filled it full

Of your crass apathy.
I've withdrawn. Heart and pawn.
Per your request, I'll leave the rest
And take the vine. But you decide.

We sat in silence til
He cried so loud he shook the ground, and impossibly
Left to where the world can spin at a steeper degree.

I know. I know you will defy.
But I thought to try.

You told me I had done alright.
That I'd made a change, however slight.
You fooled me, you fooled me and I'm sorry.
Track Name: Manic Panic
I feel a field of force,
Pressing up against me.
Knowing it can't be a course,
Set in front to guide me.

I think I'm content
Quake and fall, gone again

I feel a field of force,
Choke and cough and shiver.
Get passed it, toward the source,
It hurts, why can't it be quicker?

I think I'm content
Quake and fall, gone again
I think I'm content

I feel a force field,
Notice the crimson skin.
Beneath is a poison shield,
Waiting for its entry sin.
I feel a force field,
Keeping me away.
Alone, I still don't feel
Myself, nothing more to gain.

I think I'm content
I think I'm content
I think I'm content
Quake and fall, gone again

Quake and fall, gone again
I don't need you
Track Name: Abby
You talk to who you've got to
Two stops and oops we lost you
It's not as true as it's rude
And it stops and it's a wrong rule.

The cats in colored costume
The slap that could have cost you
A cannibal who tries to
Eat your heart out, prima donna
And quit your struggle for you.
You juiced up phantom, first clued
Aftershave and nail polish on
A wrapped up sandwich in bathroom.

Try stay sane for the next fool
And it turns brown as it gets blue
A stick jammed in the spot
That you know most fake when your friends get caught
Lemon taste on a little lap in the next room
She keeps clean since the first two
Keep it kosher with lotion in her head,
Her emotion can't climb up where she can reach you.

Keep a couple in the bottle and be subtle.

And it's you.