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Judy Humphries High energy, aggressive and abrasive, quirky and playful. Favorite track: Hero.
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Aggressive guitar and bass with mecha-organic programmed drums topped with vocal melodies carrying hints of near-britpop and falsetto.


released August 29, 2008

Brandon Sullivan:
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Programming,
Design, Production, and Mastering

All songs written by Brandon Sullivan. Co-writing credits on specific tracks include:
Benjamin Gertz: tracks 4, 7, 8
Kevin DeAngelo: track 3

This work produced by Clidesfeld is under Creative Commons License.

Recorded in Chaska, MN — 2007–2008




Clidesfeld Minneapolis, Minnesota

Clidesfeld is a musical project founded in 2004 by multi-instrumentalist Brandon Sullivan in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The project grew to host several collaborators spanning genres from downtempo electronic to melodic riff rock. Rooted deeply in a DIY mentality and an insatiable taste for thoughtful expression and experimentation, the project is inherently inconsistent in tone and frequency. ... more

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Track Name: Outside of Me
It's getting late, the light's gone sour.
Keep your dairy fresh, I only need an hour.
Satisfaction only needs one reprise
Get comfy, you're on T.V.

All the lights are way too tall,
I need to know. I need

An open eye to offset the other,
My sacred rest, it's for another.
Violent trembles, ravenous curves,
I finally feel it press my nerve.

All the lights are way too tall,
I need to know. I need

Now I wanna wanna wanna wanna want you to see.
Now I wanna wanna wanna wanna want you to see.
Every wake ends in capsize,
In dulling awe it's never my side.
At any time you wish your prize,
Could benefit, just please confide.

The fade is quick and impassive;
Sleeping soundly and massive.
Satisfaction only needs one reprise,
It's waiting for you, crying please.

All the lights are way too tall,
I need to know. I need

There's chaos in your mind.
I need to say no.
Outside of me.
Track Name: Reverie
The question mark's to simplify my word,
Reflecting something that is left unsure;
A pivot-turn to break a bond with her;
Nothing so absurd.
Her claims are nothing but a fallacy shown through the cracks.
My rights are confiscated to make room for these demanded pacts.
Instead I deviate to show more power than she must expect.
Revolt through bone inside my back.

Boil burns are from the looker's eye.
Faceless names without a reason why.
Employ the man for a kind of sigh,
Following my time.
A killer's name is uttered in no way I'd understand,
The decency, the kindness lost in order to raise up his hand.
Disinterested in anything put past his skin or fault,
It's what you get from him as a result.

Are you on the ceiling? On whose side are you deceiving?
Do you trust what you believe?
Is it your achievement? Truth or desire deepens.
Or am I lost in reverie?

I'm sharing all of what I find obscure.
A separation in which I will burn.
Why even leave a drop for the impure?
I have to find a cure.
Vague as doubt the evening sprouted more ideas to win.
Left and right, a rule or two to aid the obsession.
The trickier you are, the more you lean toward a sin,
Secure the best result once you begin.
Track Name: Consume
Remember the face, remember the name.
Remember the place and the restrictions.
Remember the past, remember how lame.
Remember how fast in those conditions.
Remember the pain, remember the waste.
Remember the same and the different.
Remember the tame and all the insane.
Remember to stop for the imprint.

Closed for some.
Close to becoming numb.
I consume.

Remember the face, remember the fun,
Remember the jokes, remember the cruelty.
Remember our depth, remember how hard,
Remember how dumb, remember the cruelty.
In all of the ways I’m welcome to stay,
The infinite depth causes disarray.
In every day, emerging the same,
I walk a mile for a lesson in strain.
Several cans line up in a row,
Another impact to waste on a foe.
No matter the case, no matter the show,
I think so.

(I want a ten, I’m wanted then)
Remember the pain, remember the waste.
Remember the same and the different.

I consume.
Come from the top, don’t let it stop. From ever blue to obscene.
Don’t leave me alone, it’s never safe. A distant case of feeling.
Track Name: Decay
Superficial vanity, burdened with insanity.
The claws she shows are painted red,
And used to tease the living dead.

Later on, her day is done; at home, awaits her loving one.
Blessed with sin, deceit and lust,
And paid with skin, alcoholic thrust.

Emaciated, she’s masturbatin’
To the sweet sounds of her own distress.
You’re decaying, you’re decaying, you’re decaying.

The balance is unnatural, and hides something factual.
Hollow out anxiety,
By dread of sobriety.

Complicated, we’ve confiscated
All the words she uses to impress.
You’re decaying, you’re decaying, you’re decaying.

She’s growing old
Her skin is cold
Track Name: Feels Great
So little space to roll around,
An elastic wall, cranberry shine.
Outside, under oath with your battery.
My brittle skin like a thick wine.
Running further toward its goal.
I’m in here waiting for its itch.
Don’t worry for me, poking pine.
It’s all for your indulgence, you bitch.

It must feel great to be so evil.
It must feel great to be so evil.
So bright. Echoes.
So loud. Echoes.
So comical.
So factual.

Pushing harder against me
It jumps and kicks, you twist.
A dog barks, a child laughs.
They all share the same gist.
Something shifts unusually,
Later, all the help I went and saw,
When my first friend had left me,
Her bitter name placenta.

It must feel great to be so evil.
It must feel great to be so evil.
So pass and go.
So fast but slow.
So just. It goes.
So long. It goes.
Track Name: Disown
The face you traced. Behind a red maze,
Distance in aid to force, I see your words break,
A mistake? What’s it take? They break upon my face.

Shock feels no pain.
Several stolen names.
I’m not afraid.
So where’s all your fame?

It’s all my fault. Reversal for recall.
Gasping for another scream to embrace another fall.
Concern? Ha, just take it all.

Shock feels no pain.
Several stolen names.
I’m not afraid.
Where is your fame?

The smeared disgust across his face. Disown
Infinite practice for a waste. Disown
Imagine such a vital lie. Disown
Place blame on those who don’t comply. Disown

Swirling fists enclose his own,
Where dominance is sought and thus condoned.
Empty anger spilled across his face,
Territory marked in loser’s place.
Track Name: Laura's Eyes
I saw her candle-wax covered portrait.
Contrasted only on her cover.
Her eyes lock me through the grey.
Her Sapphire bolt, one after another.
It snuck up on me, close and short.
But fast and unstable.
Locks drip lower, waning gleam.
Questioning a fable.

Detail shouts a thousand words.
Detail shouts a thousand words.
Detail shouts a thousand words.
A someone with a need to leave.

Shadowed fright and grown lower,
Surrounded forever by a light.
And that light will only let her go,
Under mild eyes, blind and white.
Out every indigo and phased diurnal.
Perfect with pretension.
And ocular pins, she'll need help,
Or just pay attention.
Track Name: Hero
Are you trembling? The sewage waste make you feel at home.
A mission confliction.
I am trembling. Stains and filth shout from the foam.
They love me, they loathe me.

It seems that silence makes the clock tick slower
I don't want to be a hero

Welcomed trembling. Your skin has melted from your descending prize.
A fission intermission.
Quit your trembling. Your skin feeds off lustful victims' sighs.
They love me, they loathe me.

I can't breathe
Faded and weak.
Add me into your ploy.
Let me feel normal again.
Let me feel normal again.
Let me feel normal again.
Track Name: Nothing Turns to No One
Roll in for another go, somewhat bashful in the snow.
Something's wrong, and it's gone, nothing new but nothing
Close enough, this I know, like a secondhand Monroe
Someone's gone or withdrawn. Nothing new but nothing on.

Coming back my step is slow. Careful for the gentle doe
Ears perk up and then it's gone, spotted, darted, followed.
On its tail, stop and go, caught again, we're toe to toe.
Something said, something wrong, nothing new but a new con.

I don't feed, I don't seed,
I can't read the minds in need.
I don't grieve, I won't be,
But it's best if I could see
You don't care.
You don't care.

Roll in for another go, thinking why he wouldn't show
Stepping forward like a pawn, ready to be struck down.
Empty hall, empty foe, hurt by whom I stand below.
Taking hits, wait for dawn, nothing turns to no one.

Given time the sign reads no, every step on that plateau.
Inching far from what it cost, nothing but a mindset lost.
Circumstances called a low, ever trapped in a freak show.
Inching far because it's lost, no one's in that eye of gloss.

I don't feed, I don't seed,
I won't scuff my knees to plead.
I don't grieve, I won't be,
But it's best if I could see
You don't care
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Track Name: Sweetness Karoline
In the summer I'm confined, Filled with light adrenaline.
Waiting someday, that I'll find. A red bubble with peace of mind.
Controlled flicker in the night. Glass shards falling from the sky.
I'm still confident to find. A sweeter Karoline.

Under starlit mid dark light. Coy and toying in it's flight.
Quite an interesting sign. Pushing further while on wine.
In the summer, I realized, nothing comes from playing shy.
All an impressive waste of time, with a sweeter Karoline.

Never hurts to compromise, your filth leaking from your eyes.
Directed elsewhere, no surprise.
Helping out and on the rise, growing to important size.
A silent growl I recognize.
Me and Sweetness Karoline.

Charming agent smelling fine. Scented from across the line.
Like primates they sit and dine. Make a killing using grime.
Grueling joke, condone the crime. Passed off as indecent whine.
Mate and trade and now you're mine. I need a sweeter Karoline.

Letter written as a prize, hope it will happen but not quite.
Another sibling you can smite, I can hear you from your light.
Every time I feel your bite, feels like Hell's weakened just a slight.
A ripping snarl to induce fright, me and sweetness Karoline.

Deserving better, in a dive, make you suffer, stay alive.
Let me tourniquet and paralyze.
From that sweetness Karoline.
Track Name: Earley Surv-Des
Day by day the haze turns gray. So much left to know.
At least that’s what I heard them say. So much left to know.
Come with me and play “just staying sane”. So much left to know.
Oh, at last, they’ve found my veins.

Places found and lost like all girls. So much left to know.
Spindle strings bridge between our worlds. So much left to know.
Countless times I’ve heard what and not how. So much left to know.
My juice and pills are gone now.

Dive into my brain.
Die for the campaign.
Give me my reward.
Give me some more.

Such a rush that I’m never bored of. So much left to know.
I can feel the knowledge in my aorta. So much left to know.
The world is mine to rape and I’m ready. So much left to know.
Train the simple and rupture all standing steady.